Sunday, December 15, 2013

Favorite Thing To Grow?

So E posed an interesting question the other night.....

Mommy what is your favorite thing to grow?

Sounds simple right? Not for me... I kept listing veg after veg... well I love strawberries, but ours doesn't grow that well (in fact we've been letting it be our sacrifice for the bunnies that roam around)... then again I can eat tomatoes till the cows come home... but carrot tops are so pretty when they are growing... then again our cucumbers always produce.. and so on and so forth.

In the end he gave up.. lol

However, later I found E is the same - he loves growing it all so he doesn't have a favorite either lol

Here is a very early harvest from last yr. -it was small but yummy and had my favorite to eat- beets. We ended up with much bigger crops but I didn't get pics- (except for there weren't all that many potatoes)

So, fellow lovers of gardening I ask you

What is your favorite thing to grow?