Friday, December 13, 2013


     I plan on blogging from time to time- perhaps regularly, but I don't know if I'll have the staying power. I figure that I'll post more in the winter when I'm garden crazy without much of a fix, and less in the summer when I'm only home a few days a week and in a rush to get everything done and spend quality time with E and PB. Anyway, I don't plan on being a daily blogger, but since I have a busy weekend- one of my brothers is graduating college tomorrow and I have Christmas shopping to finish, presents to wrap, finding the perfect gift for a friend who is retiring, helping E finish his school science project, and the normal stuff (grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning)  I thought I'd post today and then sometime next week.

   I have read on other sites about   Have you heard about it? If not go over and check it out.  It is a non profit and will send you seeds (if you print off a page and send a self addressed and stamped envelope). There are two options- one for a six pack with various seeds including flowers, herbs, tomatoes and one for just tomatoes. The six pack is sort of a surprise depending on what they have in stock, but the tomato option has a list you get to pick six from. It looks pretty neat and is a really cool thing. I haven't told E yet, I want it to be a surprise.

        I'm giving it a try and also sent one in for my mom and grandmother (my mom has no printer and well grandma doesn't even have a computer). We figured we'd share the tomatoes- mom and I both plant much smaller areas than grandma and then each have a surprise six that we may trade around. I'm hoping to be able to learn to save the seeds and give back. I also plan on sending a donation later (without receiving seeds) since they are so generous. I figured you would be able to just pick one of the options, but as long as you send in two different envelopes and print off pages you can get both options. Even more to my surprise is that they ask you  not to take advantage (ok that part wasn't a surprise) by not sending in for more than two times each year. I don't plan on doing it twice a year as that seems greedy, but it is a nice option for people who really want to garden, but may be low on money.

      I got the surprise six for each of us (one to each address) and then sent in one tomato to come to my house. I don't think you get a ton of seeds - just enough to plant, but it is still neat. I'd love to do something like this for kids as E and I have noticed there isn't really anywhere that kids can get little packs. If nothing else and this blog gets going I may have a kid give away come spring. I don't know if anyone will read what I write (and that's ok-it's mostly just nice to get it all out- poor PB does not share the love of gardening and E is a kid so he can only handle so much lol), and I'm not sure how many kids would be interested in such a venture- we will just have to see I suppose. If anyone is reading this- do you know any kids who would like to win some free seeds?

     When I told my mom she seemed excited- it is the perfect thing for the winter gardening blahs. Sure, we have our little mini garden (more about that in the future), but it is just not the same. It is supposed to send instructions about how to winter sow seeds. I have never personally done this, but have read plenty of blogs and checked out websites with people who have been successful. Since I am always up for trying something new I figure- why not?

I'll let you all know when they arrive and post pics of the seeds. I'll also keep you updated on our winter sowing techniques and explain the process for those of you who are interested. Maybe next time I won't have such long sentences ... then again I do love to ramble. :)

Have a great weekend!!