Monday, January 6, 2014

E's Awesome Garden Plan

    E has came up with an awesome garden plan! He has been wanting to do a three sister's garden (corn with beans growing up the stalks and squash growing around shielding the roots of the others) for awhile. We just haven't got the room- you know what this means- expansion. We have a bush we have  been wanting to get rid of- it was out of control when we moved in (2006) and I haven't been successful at getting and keeping it back in control. PB always complains about mowing around it and getting hit in the face. So, if we find the time we are considering getting rid of it and putting a circle planting area in. If not we'll find another spot for our circle.
     Why a circle you ask? Well, E has plans for a circle garden. He wants the three sister's in the middle, with a path around and then potted flowers around that, a path and then root crops. To give you a better idea here is a pic:

Hopefully this helps- I know it's not the best quality-I had to take it on my phone, email it to myself and save it.

 Here is the key:

Brown/khaki color is the path ways.
Center green circle (lighter green with dark green border) is the three sisters planting
Small green dots with red border are potted flowers
Yellow Ovals are Cherokee bush beans
Outer green outline is root crops: carrots, parsley, purple carrots, and turnips 

I think it is pretty cool- what do you think?

P.S. Way to go E - wonderful garden design!!!

Thanks for reading- Mom and E