Tuesday, January 21, 2014

E's Recipes - Smoothies

E has a new breakfast obsession- smoothies. He likes them because they are easy to make and oh so good. In fact he can make them all by himself. You  only need a few simple ingredients- plain or vanilla yogurt, milk or your substitute (sometimes we use milk and sometimes almond milk), and fruit. Don't worry about precise measurements, if it is too thick put in more milk and if it is too thin but in more yogurt. Also you don't need as much fruit as you think- we used one banana and three kid handfuls of blueberries and it was perfect.

Steps to a great smoothie:

Put in milk, yogurt and cut up fruit:

Then put in the blender:

See you don't need a whole lot- we got two 8 oz glasses out of this (and a small taste glass for PB):

Blend to the consistency you like:

Drink and enjoy:

-Mom and E