Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garden plan- back of house

Here is a pic of the back of the house last yr.:

It was the first time we had planted it as we expanded last year. We have new plans for this year!

 Obviously the grape plant has to stay (purple area). If we find another just like it we will probably get it. I'd like to have three there when it's all said and done. What is the black dot you ask? A chocolate cherry tomato which we will have in a hanging container.

We will have the cucumbers growing along the edge near the porch. The reason for this is that we are going to try and make a trellis and it will be easier to attach some of the string to the porch railing- that way we only need one or two side supports to make the trellis from. We may buy a trellis net instead and just secure it well to the porch railing. Our cucumbers grew well vertically last year but the metal fence deal we had last year was no where near tall enough so we'll see if this works.

We plan to have sunflowers where we planted onions last year (nearer the house to the stairs). I hope they don't block sunlight for others but since they will be in the back it should be ok. (Sunflowers are the yellow dots).

In the shady area under the porch we will be planting kale and Chinese cabbage since they need the shade (brown rectangle). We may plant other leafy type veggies as well.

We will also be planting some basil to help things out (see our companion planting post). (Green circle with outline).

Last, but not least we will be growing black eyed Susans. I love them (mom) as they remind me of childhood. It seems most of my family had these somewhere and we girls treated them as you would daisy's constantly playing he loves me he loves me not game. Plus my great aunt had them by her porch and it will remind us of her.

Any ideas of what we could add in that area or anything you think won't work?

We hope you are making some great gardening plans as you wait for winter to end!

Mommy and E