Friday, January 24, 2014

Our indoor winter mini garden

Mid December: 

   When we cleaned up the garden we saw that we had a pepper plant that was tiny still. It had one small green pepper on it, so we brought it in to see how it would do. Then E wanted to plant chives and small onions. Next it was carrots and flowers. I explained things would grow slower, however he had to have it. No biggie to me- seems like it is a great winter fix and a good learning experience.

      We pinched off our pepper so that the plant could concentrate on growing. It has grown some, but not exceptionally so. I wasn't sure if our other seeds would do well for awhile- so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that OUR SEEDS HAVE SPROUTED!! That includes chives (the one I figured would grow), onions and carrots. Did I mention the carrots are cosmic purple?

Beginning of January:

The pepper plant is getting some blooms- so we will see if they turn into peppers. However, we had a little problem when we up potted it... we waited too long and it was a little root bound. As I was trying to free it from the pop bottle container (we meant to only have it in there for a little bit) The cat knocked me just right for one hand (holding the pop bottle pot) to go in one direction and the other (holding the pepper plant) to go in the other. I was knocked off balance and ummm broke the roots in half. So, we shall see. I hope it makes as it was ready to make some peppers- le sigh. E was not happy with Walle (the cat).

Our carrots are growing a little, but seem clumped up- maybe we should thin them and sow a few more in the very noticeable blank areas. Sorry no pic- I couldn't seem to get a good one.

The onions and chives are growing. In the pic is also our little cactus plants and some mint that we just planted today. Do you like E's Popsicle stick fence nestled between the chives and onions?:

The trees are going strong- these were from my grandpa's (E's great grandpa's) funeral and I was scared to death I would kill them, but I've had them since October and here they are still alive! Two of them did lose their leaves before I brought them in (it had a light frost) and I just knew that was it for them. New growth soon appeared and they are good to go. I will up pot them closer to Spring and see if they take off more. By the way, does anyone know what kind of trees these are? Are they ok to keep inside or should I consider putting them outside next fall.

Flowers- not came up yet. To be honest it could be the seeds as they were a random mix (if I remember correctly- E can't remember either so at least we are even). I didn't take a pic because they haven't sprouted. We may need to re-start them.If they ever come up we will post a pic and let everyone know what they are! We like to think of it as a surprise- and we love surprises!

Are you growing things indoors this year or have in the past? We'd love to know what you have grown and get new ideas for next winter

- Mom and E