Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sorry It's been awhile...

Sorry, it has been almost a week since we have posted. We have been busy trying to get back into a work and (sorta) school schedule on top of E's birthday. Really I could have posted yesterday, but was too busy cleaning house and doing laundry. Having everyone home over break made for a dirty house.

My computer time has been largely taken by getting on a gardening forum I found:

I tried a few others that were fun to read, but for some reason wouldn't let me join. I have found helpful gardener was easy to sign up for, and quite enjoyable overall. Perhaps it is being able to see what others are doing in their gardens from what they plant to how they start seeds to ways to deal with pests etc. It is a friendly place where people seem to give constructive advice when needed instead of wording things in an offending way.

It feels good conversing with others about gardening and gives me a connection to others who are as garden crazy as I am.

Anyway, worth checking out if you think you would enjoy sharing your gardening experiences with others and reading about theirs. There is also a seed exchange (though you have to become a full member- post so many times- before you can participate), several types of plant forums from tomato, pepper to bonsai and succulents, seed starting forums, soil amendments, oh the list goes on and on.

Do any of you have a particular forum you enjoy visiting that you think we should check out?