Friday, January 3, 2014

What A Wonderful Night

     E is back from his daddy's!!! The house feels right again- I missed him so much! It was my year to have him before Christmas and his dad to have him from then on... so it has felt like forever. I didn't want to be annoying (to E) and call everyday so I only called a few times (and let me tell you that is hard to do!).  He had a great time (of course- he always loves going there), but did say when he got in the car that he really missed me... like seriously and gave me the biggest hug. So now my cup runneth over again! I enjoyed the holidays and spending time with PB, but after a few days I'm more than ready to have E here again.
     We have to go to my dad's to get E's gift and my bestie is coming over with her daughter who is one of Ethan's friends so tomorrow will be a blast. Then usual weekend stuff and with any luck enough snow Sunday night to stay home and hang out Monday.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as well!

Mommy and E