Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Widsom Wednesday

For our first Wisdom Wednesday we wanted to do an old wives tale about winter. Sure, we are in the South, and we haven't had much snow this winter- but it has been cold cold cold!! In fact, with the good ole polar vortex that blew through a few weeks ago it was the coldest it has been in 40 yrs! It even got down to -15!! We know that some of you may be from the north and are use to the 0 and below, but that just doesn't happen down in TN. We would like to have at least one good snow that we can get out and play in instead of these little dustings we seem to be getting. It just seems cruel to have a lot of cold days and no snow. :)

So in the spirit of winter and snow here is our first old wives' tale:

When there is lightening in winter expect snow in 10 days.

Perhaps instead of a snow dance we should do a lightening dance. Wonder what that would look like? We could come up with a cool zig zag type of thing - oh the possibilities. How has the weather been where you are- have you had no snow, too much snow or just enough?

Thanks for stopping by for Wisdom Wednesday!

Mom and E