Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Widsom Wednesday

Old wives tales about parsley

We thought that today we would share information about old wives tales concerning parsley. We have had good luck with parsley- it is a herb that certainly grows well here in TN. In fact ours was going strong with no row covers until the polar vortex and of course it just couldn't survive a cold snap of below zero weather. We have found several different beliefs about parsley:

Parsley should never be transplanted but grown from seed

It is believed that the roots grow down to the devil and back up again.

You should pick parsley not cut it or you will be crossed in love

Never give parsley away-if you do the person who gave it away or someone in their family will be punished within a year

If you sow parsley on Good Friday it will ensure it comes up double

Parsley growing in a garden is a sign of a strong woman

Parsley will only grow outside the home of an honest man 

Parsley is a remedy for baldness (in both men and women) - simply grind it with water (nowadays we would use a food processor) and put the paste onto your scalp and massage. Then wash out.

Not an old wives tale but there are many medicinal and homeopathic uses for parsley:

It is suppose to be good for heart health

Helps protect against rheumatoid arthritis

It is suppose to help with urinary tract infections

Relives constipation

Helps with high blood pressure

It will make menstrual flow heavy  

Helps with prostate and spleen conditions

Also suppose to help with coughs and congestion

Do you know any old beliefs or sayings that deal with parsley?