Thursday, February 13, 2014

E's Recipes- Growing Sprouts

We ordered a sprout bag and some sprouts to try them out. E wanted something that was easy and quick to grow- and he thought sprouts were cool.

Day One: Starting the sprouts

Bags of sprouts: lentils and peas (sorry the pic is terrible but it was infinitely darker when I took it and when I lightened it this is what happened)

Soak 8-10 hours to wake the sprouts up

Wet sprout bag and rinse sprouts

Hang sprout bag

Day Two: Rinse and repeat

Rinse sprout bag twice (separate times during the day) and rehang bag

Day Three: Rinse and repeat


  Just starting to sprout

E was super excited

Day Four: Rinse and eat

Have you grown sprouts? We think it's a great and easy way to turn kids onto eating something healthy and fun to grow!