Thursday, February 6, 2014

E's Recipes- His creative birthday dinner

This is a little bit of an old recipe-but E wanted us to share it. He wanted a low key birthday this year (Jan 11th) since he felt like all we do during Christmas break is run around everywhere. He had been watching a Rachel Ray cooking show (I can't remember which one, he loves Rachel Ray). It was an episode that involved roasted zucchini strips. E decided that they would make a great road way, which made him come up with this for a birthday dinner:

The green strips are the zucchini which Ethan called his road. The grapes were representative of cars going along the road. In the middle was a rice and veggie island and the meat on top was the volcano on the island with pesto sauce as the lava.

What can we say- it was all his idea.

Pretty easy to make though. Roast the veggies, cook the rice and cook the meat to your preference (steak, but you can use whatever you want). The build with rice topped with roasted veggies topped with mean topped with pesto sauce in the center. Then add the zucchini road and place the grape cars. Surprisingly it tasted very good.

For fun here is his cake (he wanted all the candles since they were sparkler candles and said it doesn't matter if some are pink):