Thursday, February 27, 2014

E's Recipes- Mini Quick Quiche

 A few weeks ago E and I made quiches. E had picked out leeks as his new to try veggie (we do that about once a month or so). We used half in these quiches and I used the rest in a delicious soup (which we will not include since I made it when E wasn't here). Originally, we thought about a big quiche, but realized we wouldn't have time. So, instead we decided to make these, which we put together the recipe from several internet sources (sorry we don't remember which ones).

Here's is what we used:

 Cresent round- (we used 1 1/2  rolls to make 12 so one round per mini quiche you want)

 1 cup half and half (you could use milk if you wanted)
3 eggs ( we used whole eggs, but some people use a combination of 2 whole and 1 egg white)

 Leeks (we used two)
Salt, pepper, parsley, oregano (a pinch or two of each-or another combination of herbs/spices)
Swiss Cheese (though we forgot to get a pic and you could use any cheese you want with however much you like)

and of course... BACON

 You could use any combination of veggies/meat/spices etc. you like


1. Roll out the dough so that it is flat.

2. Place in the muffin pan. Note- you may want to make the edges go up past the muffin pan a little farther to help hold in the quiche mixture later.

3. Cut up leeks and bacon. (see above)

4. Cook leeks and bacon:


 5. Mix together the half and half, eggs, herbs and spices.

6. Place bacon and leeks into the muffin pan.

 7. Pour Mixture into the muffin pan. Note- We made ours too full, which in turn made a mess when we cooked it. We had to cut excess eggs from between the muffin spots- they looked ok when we did that and took them out,  but we had to clean the pan forever and the bottom of the oven. I'd say 3/4th would be better.

8. Take out, let cool then eat and enjoy!

- Mom and E