Monday, February 17, 2014

Garden Plan 2014- Front of House

Here is our last garden plan- I wonder if you are sad or excited - lol some people may find it neat to see what others are planning while some may just be over it- so for better or worse here you go!

I don't have pics of the front garden area from last year as it just didn't grow as well as the others. Mostly our fault since we didn't put much energy in after our expansion and it being a late addition (back and side of house) there wasn't much time to devote to the front. I work away from home much of summer, so last minute additions cramp our style. That's why we are making plans for a change. Now, if it was just me (mom) these plans would change multiple times, but E is much more a make a plan and stick to it so who knows!!

Last year we planted some potatoes (not much success but we did get a few), our strawberry grew (as it has for a few years) but we leave it for the bunnies- sort of our sacrifice plant, our herbs did well, we tried eggplant (it didn't have enough time to mature), our poor cabbage did it's usual which was succumb to the slugs (but hey they left everything else alone) and our asparagus seeds grew a few (though we accidentally weeded a few out on accident). Thus, the garden had spots of growth and spot of nothing or sad looking plants. Hopefully this year will be better!!!

Now, after much ado, here is the plan:

It is a weird space that we inherited when we bought the house (way back when in 2007). It was our first garden spot and began E's love for gardening. It has one decent sized bed and some smaller ones connected. It is deeper than the other beds, but also can't be made wider as it is hemmed in by the house and the sidewalk.

Here is the key:

Green rectangle- asparagus bed (we are going to plant some more seed this year). Yes, we are aware that crowns give you a head start, but we like the challenge of seeds and they are much more affordable. Since we plan to live here awhile waiting a few extra years for asparagus is no biggie.

You will notice there are things to be planted in the front:
Blue line- pansies and possibly other flowers.

But nothing in the back row- that is because it is hard to keep that part watered as the roof overhang blocks rainfall and it is a pain to water the front bed (maybe we should invest in a longer water hose this year?).

Green circles: tomatillo plants- we have never grown these, but do like some green sauce and hope they'll do well. The end of the bed (towards the end of the house) gets pretty good sun so they should do alright.

Red dot- Jalapeno hot pepper- PB is hoping to make salsa and can a few jars.

Oval cutout/tear drop- potato plants- We are hoping to have better success since this will be the second year we grow them.

Maroon star with green outline- our strawberry plant- which despite our clay like soil is still going after several years.

White circle- snow white cherry tomato plant hanging down

The little bed part closest to the front door (opposite end of asparagus bed) doesn't really grow much- I don't know why- hopefully our sort of lasagna gardening will help with this. We have put bulbs down and shall see if anything happens. We may just throw the towel in if not and put cute garden decorations and solar lights there.

Hope you liked see our many posts on garden plans. When Spring comes around expect updates of us actually planting and (hopefully) things growing!

Mom and E