Friday, February 28, 2014

Lasagna Gardening Update

Some time has passed since we first put all of our yard waste, leaves, coffee/tea ground, and kitchen scraps. While we didn't get it as high as I wanted we did manage to get a decent amount piled on. Since, I had a day off (and a nice one as well) I snapped some pics of how it currently looks. Some spots have broken down more than the others. Mostly the side of the house. The back I put on last and it has broken down less than the side. The front area is also higher, but when I pushed some back I saw beautiful dark dirt! So very exciting. Here are the few pics I snatched ( didn't get one of the front since it needs a little straightening up and I just didn't have time).

Pic of the Side- see how far down it is!

Picture where the grape plant is- by the way does anyone know of anything that is small and would grow well with the grape?

Picture of the back where it is the highest:

Anyone else doing lasagna gardening? Let us know about it!

-Mom and E