Friday, February 21, 2014

Planting with E- Indoor Herb Garden

We were at Wal-Mart the other day to get dirt to winter sow (see previous posts) and we picked up a good sized pot. E just wanted it (ok- he wanted an even bigger one, but I talked him down to a slightly smaller one). We've finally decided what to do with it- make an indoor herb garden!

Since we had some pop bottles left over from winter sowing we decided the best way to sort of separate the herbs would be to use those to our advantage. Since we were afraid of the roots becoming bound we decided to cut the bottom out of them. We meant to get pics, but as you know our intentions of doing this only happen about half the time. We get to into what we are doing to stop and take pics.

  We put a layer of dirt in the pot so that there would be more room for the roots once they grown down below the pop bottles. Also so the pop bottles would line up close to the top, but still have enough room left to conceal them with dirt. Then we set the pop bottles in the pot, and filled them almost all the way up with dirt.

    The hope is that their roots will have room to spread closer to the bottom and the others will have root room closer to the top. Who knows if it will work - we sure don't. What fun is life without trying new things though?

So we planted cilantro in one pop bottle and parsley in the other. Then filled the rest of the pot with dirt (well almost to the top- we ran out of dirt, but it is pretty full and we think it will be enough). We then planted basil and red leaf lettuce in the spots without pop bottles. We know red leaf lettuce isn't exactly a herb, but E wanted to see what it looked and tasted like before we planted it outside in the Spring, so in it went!

Here is a pic of the finished product (do you like the worm peeking up out the middle that tells you if it needs watered or not- E loves it):

We'll update when they start coming in and let you know how it goes! What's something you have tried just to try it and how did it go?

-Mom and E