Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day gifts for those who love gardening

Valentines Day Gifts for Gardeners:

As we are drawing close to Valentines Day we thought we'd put a little gift giving guide for gardeners similar to how we did at Christmas. Maybe your special one loves gardening and you are hoping to get a last minute gift or you have a family member you want to get a more personalized gift for. Here are some suggestions- hope it helps!

One of the most basic and obvious gifts for a gardener is a potted plant. It is actually the perfect time for it. Many gardeners would rather have a plant they can love and nurture that a cut flower which will ultimately wilt and die away.

I (mom) can remember one year in high school when I had a "secret admirer" who left notes all day with a riddle and at the end there was a very pretty potted tulip. It would have won my heart if the giver hadn't recently broken up with my cousin. I guess it is all about timing huh?

Pepe Le Pew.jpg

Listen to what kind of flowers that person is considering growing this next Spring or would like to have, but just have never "justified" buying. Try to make sure that you select a flower that is not only pretty and one they desire, but please be sure it smells good. Some flowers are beautiful but smell terrible. You don't want to evoke images of Pepe Le Pew (image from Wikipedia)

Not sure what you want, but know you'd like to get something in the garden realm? Here are a few links that might just help:

Here is a link to pottery barn, which has many options including live plants, terrariums, succulents, and outdoor garden decor. Prices, of course, vary from $20 something to high up there. There is wide selection though, and something for small, big and in between budgets:

What about garden stepping stones that you have personalized. You could put special dates, names of places that are meaningful to both of you or write out a sweet love poem with them. If you can't afford many of them but love the idea you could put your pet names for each other or a short love quote or line of "your" song:

Know someone who likes something a little different plant wise - how about some succulents?

You could get a gardener who loves tea made from fresh herbs some lovely tea to drink while the winter winds down and make a cute little basket with it:

Just remember that to most people it is the thought that counts and not the amount spent. Good luck with your Valentines Day shopping.