Monday, March 3, 2014

Asparagus Update

     Last year we started an asparagus patch. We know that it is easier to start from crowns, but really wanted to see if we could do it from seeds. It really didn't turn out to well, with only a few making it. We are not sure if it was due to low germination, or if we accidentally pulled them up thinking they were weeds.... ooopppsss! To our defense we didn't know what asparagus looked like when it grew, only were aware of what full grown and ready to eat asparagus looked like.

     Did we give up though? No way! We are going to try again this year, but we did decide to do things a little differently. We still wanted to do it from seeds- just to see the whole process. Asparagus is a rather long process, which takes a few year from crowns to eat and we didn't think a couple of more added on to grow from seed would be a big deal.

     We decided to grow some indoors this year- just to get a look at how they do grow and what they look like. We figure we'll do a really good weeding before moving them outdoors and putting down some more seeds. Hopefully, this year we will not pull up asparagus when we do. Hey, you live and learn.
  We were excited to see some growing in our pop bottle green house. So far so good....hopefully we shall be more successful than last year. Wish us luck!

So, if you do not know what asparagus looks like when it is growing feast your eyes on this:

E thinks they are funny looking, but thinks it is cool we got them started.

Does anyone have experience starting asparagus from seeds?