Friday, March 28, 2014

Forgotten Carrot

As we were pulling the few weeds that were pushing their way through our back garden bed, we noticed there were a few carrots left over. We ended up taking one out just to see how it was looking and if it was still good. We figured that with the polar votex it wouldn't be any good. Boy, were we wrong. Perhaps it stayed alive since it was in the ground and covered by our lasagna gardening stuff.

Here it is in the ground:

Here is what it looked like on the table- pretty good size:

Here are pics of E looking at it and showing it off- he really thought it was neat:

We did eat it-Mom hoped it would be sweet, but it must've been in there too long. It wasn't bad- very rooty tasting (more like the beet and turnip root taste), but since we like that we enjoyed it. PB and Uncle Micheal were not fans though. There is one or two more, but the tops were tore off and it's hard to find them under the leaves and such so we are going to wait and see if the tops comes back and then we can pick them.