Thursday, March 20, 2014

Garden for Granny

     This Thursday we are deviating slightly from our usual E's recipes, but we think it is for a good cause. We enjoy reading both Two Men and a Little Farm and Annie's Kitchen Garden blogs. Both have been inspirational to us, and in our opinion are kind and wonderful people and fantastic bloggers.

     Granny from Annie's Kitchen Garden has always had an amazing garden with huge yields. Her posts are funny and down to earth. She honestly reminds us of our Grandma Shirley Squirrely. Sadly, Granny has had some health problems lately. It started with her not being able to use her arm. She went to the doctor thinking it was a nerve problem, only to find out it was a recurrence of cancer.

     Well, Two Men and a Little Farm are big fans of Granny's as well (and were well before we dipped our toes into the blogging world). They posted the sweetest post about Granny Gardening for Granny, which we think you should read to fully understand how wonderful she is (and you should check out her site which is linked above). In their post, they suggested we all Garden for Granny. Since she can't get out in her own garden, we should share our harvests and dedicate our gardens to her. We are all in for it and would like to encourage more bloggers to do so and link back to her to give encouragement.

     This really spoke to us as we lost our Grandpa last year to cancer. We know what a fight it is and how much courage it takes to fight it. We also know how much of a toll treatments can take on one's body and frankly their spirit. We wanted to give some encouragement, positive thoughts and love to send her (and her family's way). Just so you know, Mr. Granny we are sending lots of that to you as we know it isn't easy watching someone you love go through such a difficult thing or deal with your own fears and emotions while trying your best to be strong and brave for them.

     We do have some good news to share straight from Granny (and it was so great to see her post again!). Her family is pitching right in (we imagine that they have a spirit and determination similar to hers). The kids and gran kids are going to pitch right in with the garden, keeping the house clean, and with meals. 

     So please join us and grow a little something for her as well!!! Granny, to put you up to date with our garden, we have already planted a few things. We have put out some onions, lettuce, carrots, kale and Chinese cabbage. We shall also be putting out a few other things in the days to come. We have several things started and will be sure to keep you updated!!