Monday, March 3, 2014

Gardening blogs we love

Here is a list of gardening blogs we love to read. Mostly Mom, but E reads some from time to time.

Of course the list must start with  Two Men and a Little Farm  as they inspired us to even begin blogging in the first place.

Then of course is sweet Granny Annie's Kitchen Garden.  It was a fantastic read before, but now with Annie being sick is an inspiring read.

We like Life on the Balcony and think it is perfect for those gardening in containers or such. There are also some fun and crafy gardening things to do.

Backyard Gardening Blog is a good read as the author is down to earth and doesn't pull any punches.

This Garden is Illegal has a lot of information and is enjoyable to read.

500 Dollar Tomato is one we visit regularly and love to read.

Small Kitchen Garden has a lot to keep you entertained as well as some giveaways.

What are some of your favorite blogs that you think we should check out?

-Mom and E