Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!

E wanted to say:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Don't forget to wear green!

Tips to keep your garden green:

  • Start with nice rich soil- if it isn't then add some compost
  • Water smart- not too much or too little
  • Make sure plants get the right amount of light
  • Fertilize when needed (use your method of preference)
  • Harvest regularly and dead head flowers to keep plant growing and blooming
  • Keep the weeds under control- we don't need them stealing nutrients
  • Practice companion planting to get the good insects coming and the bad ones far away
  • Check for garden pests and diseases regularly and get rid of them ASAP
  • Plant a bee friendly area so they can pollinate your plants

Also- today is the day to plant cilantro!!!

Stay green and stay healthy! Get out and plant something... anything and we promise not only will it start you on a path of eating fresh, but also make you feel great when you are able to go out and harvest it!

-Mom and E