Friday, March 14, 2014

Pea Tower Fun Land

     I bought this planter dirt cheap at the dollar store at the end of the gardening season last year. We had yet to come up with a plan to use it that we both agreed on. Our pea seedlings needed replanted and Viola! a fantastic idea was born!

     We thought this would be a great place to put them and give them some room to spread their roots and a little support to grow upwards. If they start to outgrow it we can always place it outside and surround it with a teepee of sticks (and plant a succession crop). Here is what we did in photos.

1. Put dirt in:

2. Remove seedlings from tray (we cut ours out since our roots were so tangled up, but you can just remove them)

3. Plant leaving space between:

     E wanted to make it even cooler and made "levels" of scenes that would be hidden.

The top has Indians, the middle has ninjas and the bottom has Pokemon.

It was fun and is too cute for words.

What fun gardening projects have you done with kids?

-Mom and E