Monday, March 10, 2014

What to do when seedlings out grow their tray!!

If you missed the earlier post about it, our seedlings have outgrown their little tray- some quite badly. Thus, we have rounded up some recycled materials and up potted them. If you are like us and too eager too quick to start those seeds or would like to have more established planting seedlings then A) start them in something bigger than a tray (like pop bottles, tupperware, pots etc.) or B) do like us and up pot once they start to outgrow their trays. I like this option as I keep better track of how much has sprouted.

Here is what they looked like in their trays all out grown:

Here is what they look like now that we have up potted them (though at the rate they are growing we may need to do it one more time before we can plant!)

Our cucumbers and zucchini's are doing quite well:

Our pansies are still growing slowly, so we didn't up pot them yet, and most of our sunflowers are still ok, but will need up potted in a few weeks. The peas grew the most, but we'll cover those in another post!

How is your seed starting going?

-Mom and E