Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sorry for the long hiatus...

We are sorry it has been awhile since we have posted. We have been really busy with school ramping up for the end of the year and my work getting very busy preparing for our summer program and trying to get the academic year files ready. On top of that we have a fun weekend trip and have been fighting with digging up a bush (and small tree) and digging out the roots to make room for the circle garden. Perhaps, in that respect we have bite off a huge bite.

Anyway, here is a quick update in words with a future post coming that is more in depth with pics.

We have peas growing outside.
We have kale and cabbage starting to pop up outside.
Our seed starting has gone well.
Ethan's school cabbage is growing well.

Pea tower is all but dead..... :(
We planted our cucumber and zucchini way too early and didn't realize just how quick they grow.. but they may be salvageable. We are starting the hardening off process and going to see if we can get an early set going and then plant seeds when it is a lil warmer. It will either work or not, but it is a fun experiment.

Not Sure Yet:
Wintersow hasn't popped up yet, so we plopped a few more seeds down in there- so it will either turn out that we get the ones we just put in to grow or we'll have A LOT and have to give some away. Time will tell.

How long it is taking to get the dadgum bush out. Well, it did turn into one huge bush and a bunch of smaller ones. Also whoever planted there had planted over nails and broken glass.... le sigh so it is taking forever. Dig, dig, dig- sift through dirt to remove copious amount of roots, broken bits of glass, and nails. Then shovel dirt to a pile on the side, to used later. Positive note- once all that stuff is removed the soil looks good.

What projects does everyone else have going on?

-Mom and E